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Have you ever been involved in planning a Web site or a site redesign?
Will this be a redesign of the current site or the addition of new features?
If your answer to the previous question was YES, why are you unhappy with your existing site?
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Who will maintain your site?
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What tools will they/do they use?
Have you selected a hosting provider?
Do you have your own Web server?
What legacy systems are currently in place?
Do they need to be converted to a Web-based system?
Will the site require links to a database?
What is the purpose of this database?
What type of database do you use?
What data will the Web site send to or pull from the database?


Do you have an advertising agency or public relations firm?
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Who are your biggest competitors?
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Create a new marketing presence on the Internet.

Develop a strong online brand.

Reposition an existing brand on the Internet.

Develop advertising-based revenue.

Create direct-sales revenue.

Provide detailed product or catalog-based information.

Establish personal contact with visitors and elicit feedback.

Reduce traditional sales or support costs by developing or improving consumer/customer experience with online support.

Build a community for a particular affinity group (such as specific types of customers).

Establish a technological advantage over competitors.

How would you define the main goal of this Web site?

Publicity or marketing site



Game or entertainment site

Nonprofit or community site

Application service provider


Content-based publishing site

Sales/e-commerce site

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Logo design

Site graphics

Site architecture

Content creation, editorial review

Audio/video development

Chat area(s)

E-commerce transactions

Catalog and shopping cart

User customization

Search feature

Marketing/strategic services

Competitor comparison

Search-engine listings

Launch strategy

Marketing materials, media kit on site


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